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Who is Your Harry Potter Alter Ego?

Devoted Harry Potter fans know the best house at Hogwarts is, of course, Gryffindor, where Harry, Ron Weasley and Hermione Grainger reside. But within Gryffindor, each character in the Harry Potter series has distinct personality traits they bring to the table. Which of the Harry Potter characters has the personality traits that make them your Harry Potter Alter Ego? When you’re ready to step into your Gryffindor robes, be sure you’re channeling the right character this Halloween.

Hermione Grainger

If you’re the determined, quick-witted type who follows the rules and tries to do what is expected of you, Hermione may be your alter ego. But you aren’t just the kind to blindly obey others – you want to know why the rules are in place and you want to make sure there’s a very good reason for them. You’re also compassionate toward others and resourceful. You’re clever, so you’re always one step ahead of others when it comes to book learning, and you want to share that knowledge with others. But you can be a bit of a snob about how much you know, so temper your enthusiasm! Your loyalty and resourcefulness are your finest characteristics.

Ron Weasley

If you’re the one who is always up for a joke and ready with the punch line, Ron Weasley maybe your alter ego. But Ron’s personality is much more than just being a practical joker or telling a funny story. Although he’s from a long line of wizards, he’s insecure about his abilities as well as his friendships. He’s incredibly loyal to both his family and his friends and always strives to do what is right, even if he isn’t always sure what that is. He is shy around others but digs his heels in when he needs to. If you are somewhat shy but cover up with jokes and too much talking, you may a Weasley. Ron is tenacious and will work like a dog to achieve the results he wants. He is  also a great strategist, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to do the planning in the background and thrives on using a b it of humor to calm others, Ron may be your alter ego. Simply slip into your Gryffindor robe and be sure to tell a few funny stories when you’re attending your  next Harry Potter party!

You’ll look amazing in your Gryffindor Robes whether you’re Harry Potter, Ron Weasley or Hermione Grainger in this Harry Potter Costume from Halloween Empire

Harry Potter

He’s the boy who lived and is easily recognizable to everyone by his lightning scar, round glasses and dark hair. It’s the strength of Harry Potter’s personality, however, that make him the hero of the books and movies. He’s clever, fiercely loyal and will go to great extremes to defend and protect others. Despite being lonely at times because he feels so isolated in his role as “The Boy Who Lived,” Harry is at times too impulsive, which has led him into dangerous and regrettable situations at times, but he always does so for the right reasons. Harry is sometimes moody and withdrawn, dwelling on his own issues (and there are many) to the point of forgetting how others may feel. It’s not intentional – he has a lot of responsibilities for someone so young and being an orphan makes him aware of what he has  already lost. His need for revenge against his parents’ killer sometimes overwhelms him. If you’re a natural loner who is brave, honest and devoted to a few close friends, Harry Potter may be your alter ego.

Whatever character you want to be, Halloween Empire has the right Harry Potter costume for you. All three friends are members of Gryffindor, and we carry Gryffindor robes in all sizes, right down to the littlest wizard in your house. Whether you need the full Harry Potter Halloween costume or you’re looking for a the perfect Harry Potter wand, you’ll find it here.

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