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Rock the Mullet With These Five Costumes

The mullet – one of the world’s most maligned hairstyles – is also one of the most popular Halloween wigs each year. Why? Because it’s a hairstyle that begs to be worn when you’re channeling some of the most famous celebrities or characters of the last fifty years. There are some characters you simply can’t dress up as without a really impressive mullet. They would be unrecognizable without the “business in the front, party in the back” style. Here’s our top five mullet-based costumes for 2019:

Billy Ray Cyrus

You remember this country rock-a-billy crooner, don’t you? If not, you probably remember his most famous song, “Achy Breaky Heart,” a controversial hit in the early 1990s. It was a crossover smash that featured Cyrus dancing in a luxuriant mullet that hung halfway down his back and pulled back in a ponytail most girls would envy. Complete the look with a faded jeans, white sneakers, tee-shirt and a guitar slung over your shoulder. Top it all off with a gold chain and you’re ready to line-dance your way into someone’s heart.

Joe Dirt

This fictional character from the 2001 movie of the same name is the epitome of the rebel redneck. Throw together your Joe Dirt look with faded blue jeans, a plaid flannel shirt with the arms ripped off and, of course, the mullet. You’ll also need to add some facial hair (Joe Dirt sported some impressive sideburns) and accessorize with a string mop and bucket to reflect his janitor’s career.

Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust was glam rocker David Bowie’s alter ego, created in 1972. He was, according to the concept album Bowie recorded, an over-the-top rock star who passed on the messages of alien beings through his music. He was a character in his own rock opera who wore a modified mullet featuring a high, flat top in the front and a shag that hangs to the base of the neck in back in a deep shade of red or auburn. You’ll also want to include the instantly recognizable red and blue lightning bolt across your face, which can be easily created with a Halloween makeup kit. To complete your look, step into a Lycra/Spandex body suit platform boots.


Mullet Wig
MacGyer would love this mullet!

Angus MacGyver was a genius in the 1980s television series. He could get out of any situation using common household items like paperclips and duct tape to build bombs. He also sported a mullet and wore a beat-up leather jacket. Be MacGyver this year by wearing a button-front red or blue shirt, weathered bomber jacket and a mullet with aviator sunglasses and an oversized watch. Accessorize with a Swiss Army knife, a roll of duct tape and a ballpoint pen (hey, you can make anything with this stuff!).

Rod Stewart

One of the most famous singers/songwriters of the 1980s and 90s, Rod Stewart wore the mullet better than anyone, making it a surprisingly sexy hairstyle for a time. It’s easy to become Rod Stewart for an evening if you have a blonde mullet and step into skinny, leopard print pants and a ripped tee-shirt. Toss a striped or leopard print suit jacket on and tie a long silk scarf around your neck to complete the transformation. All you need is a mic in your hand and you’ll be ready to serenade your fans.

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