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Topping Off Your Outfit with the Perfect Headpiece or Headband

Topping Off Your Outfit with the Perfect Headpiece or Headband

There are lots of costumes that just seem to require the final touch of something on your head. Whether you’re dressed as a Native American or a 1920’s dancer, we have headbands and headpieces to literally top off your outfit beautifully. We also offer a multitude of options for our costumes so you can do one-stop shopping for your next costume event.

The Roaring Twenties

The prohibition era is well known as a time of wild abandonment, parties and elegance. Dressing as a flapper is one way to capture that wonderful riotous age of glamour and excitement. After you’ve chosen your flapper dress and high-heeled dancing shoes, be sure to check out our collection of flapper headbands, each ono with touches like glitter, sequins and feathers to frame your face beautifully. If you’re looking for something that will really set you above the crowd, we even have a jeweled headband that will reflect the light in a hundred directions. You’ll truly shine!

Native American

Whether you’re a simple Indian brave or the chief of your imaginary tribe, there’s a headpiece that will go perfectly with your buckskins. Our basic headpiece features colorful feathers and a band to hold them in place. You can upgrade to our deluxe version with more feathers, elaborate trim and black and white feathers framing your face. If you’re into the scarier side of Native American costuming, try out our Ghost Town Indian Style Headdress in black, gray and white for a spookier effect.

The Alternative to Hats

Witches hats and clown hats may look great with costumes, but sometimes they aren’t what you’re looking for. Maybe you hate wearing hats or the hats you’ve tried are simply not right for you. Maybe you need something that isn’t going to obstruct your vision. For whatever reason, you can dress as a witch wearing a striking little headband topped off with a miniature witch’s hat or cobwebs. A headpiece topped with a mini clown hat is the perfect accessory over your clown wig, giving you freedom to change up your look with hair color or hairstyle.

Snowflake boppers on blonde woman.
These festive snowflake boppers will show everyone your holiday spirit!

We offer our popular glitter boppers in several colors so you can wear them in your favorite team colors instead of a boring ball cap. You can ring in the New Year, celebrate  Mardi Gras or turn heads at a party with our glitter boppers. For a more adult gathering or a bachelorette party, our plush willy boppers are the perfect accessory for a few laughs.

Headpieces that Scare or Inspire

Not all headbands or headpieces are designed to be adorable or beautiful. Sometimes they’re designed to not look like headbands at all. Our Knife Through the Head headpiece turns you into a murder victim or zombie without having to use a lot of elaborate makeup. Just slip the band over your head and your look is complete. Channel your inner demon with a headband sporting demonic horns for an effective touch of evil or choose one of our halos if you want to show your angelic side. Our halo headbands are also ideal for holiday pageants when you need a few angels on stage.

Getting In Touch with Your Animal Nature

Halloween Empire now carries a complete line of animal ear headbands and headpieces so you can get in touch with your animal nature. Whether you’re a furry or you just want to prowl around as a feline seductress for the evening, it’s easy to slip into a pair of cat’s ears or our adult tiger kit, complete with headband ears. For something a bit more exotic, try our elephant ears, mouse ears or a unicorn headband featuring a beautiful unicorn horn.

Festive Headbands for Any Occasion

You don’t have to be in a costume to wear one of our fun headbands or headpieces. We’ve fun Christmas headbands with candy canes or mistletoe. Slip one on and pucker up for a few holiday smooches. Feeling groovy? Channel your inner flower child with a headband topped with daisies or roses. You’ll be the prettiest flower child at the party. Our new line of light up headbands are great for any occasion from a birthday party to a night out on the town. Just imagine how you’ll look on the dance floor wearing a light up headband perfectly coordinated with your favorite outfit. You’ll be unforgettable!

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