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Halloween Accessories

No Halloween costume is complete without some stunning accessories! What's dracula without his fangs? Or a cowboy without a cowboy hat? You can't be a witch without a magical wig or a crazy makeup kit to turn your skin green! Here are Halloween Empire Online Costume store, we have all the top choices for 2019 Halloween accessories that will be sure to make your friends double-take when they see you! Shop our halloween accessories!

Adult Halloween Costumes

Going to a Halloween party or just simply taking your kid out trick or treating? We have adult costumes for EVERY situation! Get into Halloween with groovy disco outfit, or get crazy scary with a bloody zombie costume! What about your kid's favorite animal? We have everything from zebras and monkeys to lions and wolves! Don't miss out on Halloween.

Kids' Halloween Costumes

Does your little one have a favorite character they just couldn't bear to be without? With our Kids' costumes, your child can be anything they want to be for Halloween! Be batman and stop crime! Your little girl will feel like royalty in one of our princess costumes! The possibilities are as limitless as a kid's imagination!

Halloween Empire Bachelorette/Bachelor

Have a bachelorette or bachelor party coming up and want to prank your friend good? We have everything you need for hen and stag shennanigans! Your friends will scream with laughter when they see what you got them!

Halloween Cosmetics & Disguises

Crazy makeup or fancy halloween FX makeup can make your halloween costume POP! Halloween Empire specializes in face transforming makeup that acts as a mask and the light of your halloween costume. Get spooky with fake blood or turn yourself into a mermaid, witch, or diva disco queen with our vast different styles of fake lashes. Fangs are a must for vampire costumes! The possibilities are endless!

Halloween Decorations

Add some spook to your home inside and out with halloween decorations! You'll be the talk of the neighborhood with our creepy cloth hangings and caution tape! Is that someone's house or a real-life crime scene? They won't be able to tell the difference with that severed arm lying in your front yard.

Halloween Hats, Masks and Headbands

Dress up your head with a mask or a hat! Go from peasant to queen or king with a crown! Or replace your entire head and become a different species altogether with a monkey mask or creepy clown mask! Who is THAT? You'll be sure to make friends and strangers alike scream walking down the street during trick or treat or that wild Halloween party you're attending! Shop Hats, Masks and Headbands!

Halloween Jewelry

Bling it up this halloween with our jewelry collection! From rings, to necklaces, to bracelets, we have the perfect piece to complete that rapper outfit! Get styling, countess, with our line of gothic chokers that go well with any vampire outfit. Never fear, Halloween empire is here!

Halloween Empire Seasonal Collection

Just because it's not Halloween, that doesn't mean you can't dress up! We have costumes and accessories for all occassions including Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest, Christmas and New Years! Get glammed up for every holiday! Shop our seasonal collection!

Halloween Wigs, Beards & Moustaches

Give your Halloween look a new life with a wig, beard or moustache! Complete any costume and make it feel whole with a magical, bright or fun wig! Use a beard or moustache to go full rogue on your friends, they won't even recognize you in your new disguise! Halloween Empire Online Costume store has a wide variety of wigs, beards and moustaches to put the finishing touches on your already awesome costume!