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Renaissance Faire Maypole Dancers

Renaissance Faire and Medieval Festival Season is Upon Us

Renaissance Faires began in the United States in the 1960s, when people were increasingly looking toward the past for inspiration for a better future. There was a definite nostalgia for a time perceived as more noble and refined, and people enjoyed the dressing up and role playing aspect as well. Over the decades, Renaissance Fairs and Festivals spread like wildfire, with most of them being held during summer months in order to take advantage of warm, sunny days for outdoor activities. Jousting, stage performances and a variety of reenactments as well as food and arts and crafts vendors make today’s  RenFaires and Medieval Festivals an immersive experience. If you plan on attending a Renaissance or Medieval Faire this summer, be sure you dress properly. Halloween Empire has everything you need to enhance your Renaissance era persona.

Princess or Queen

Being a fair maiden at a Renaissance Faire requires the proper dress. We offer a complete line of regal gowns for ladies of all ages, from the littlest princess in your family to the most elegant queen. Any royal lady visiting a RenFaire should be sure to have the appropriate accessories, so don’t forget sparkling tiara or crown to grace your head.

Knight or King

Renaissance and medieval knights and kings dresses almost as sumptuously as the fair ladies they protected, and we have plenty of great costumes for everyone from pint-sized princes to menacing knights. Our Arthurian costumes for boys and men feature impressive details like faux ermine trim, capes and authentic looking coats of arms. If you want to truly impress, try our Henry VIII costume – you’ll be King for a Day for sure!

Save your kingdom in this Crusader’s costume, complete with sword, shield and chain mail hood. You’ll have ladies swooning at your feet at the Renaissance Faire!

If you prefer becoming a warrior for the weekend, you can become a knight in shining armor with ease. Be sure to accessorize your look with a sword and helmet from our accessories line for greater authenticity. We even have a crusader’s shield and sword if you’re feeling the urge to defend church and kingdom properly.

Pirate Wench

Not everyone can be royalty at a Medieval Festival or Renaissance Faire. There are merchants and peasants galore who keep the village humming with activity, as well as less savory types like pirates. You may want to be a pirate wench or perhaps a highwayman, ready to rob unsuspecting noblemen.

Literary Figures

Would you like to go to the RenFaire or Medieval Festival dressed as a great character from history or  literature? Couples will make a sure-fire impression if he’s dressed as Robin Hood and she is the fair Maid Marion. You’ll be long remembered as the most romantic couple at the Faire dressed as the star-crossed lovers! And no Robin Hood tale would be complete without the faithful Friar Tuck.

 You might also consider dressing as a Musketeer, one of those famous French noblemen who fought to protect the King of France during the late Renaissance. Your costume can be completed with one of our stylish Musketeer wig for a truly swash-buckling look. From court jesters to frightening barbarians, Halloween Empire has right costume to transform you for your next visit to the Renaissance Faire or Medieval Festival.

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