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It’s National Humor Month – No Joke!

Pretty much everyone knows about April Fool’s Day, and a lot of us get burned by our friends on this festive day, but did you know the entire month of April is National Humor Month? That’s right – if you didn’t have the time or opportunity to put one over on your friends and family, you have a full four weeks to get your (comedy) act together!

What National Humor Month is About

National Humor Month was founded 36 years ago by author and humorist Larry Wilde in the hopes of enriching lives and improving health through humor. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”  While it can’t cure cancer or get rid of the flu, laughing does lighten our mood. It can help ease depression, improve the efficiency of the immune system, improve circulation and even contribute to how well your brain works. People who watch sitcoms, tell jokes and enjoy a good laugh tend to be friendlier, healthier and less prone to stress. If you’re looking for ways to improve your health, laughter is a great way to start and it beats a lot of sweaty exercise or boring diets.

How Halloween Empire Can Help

At Halloween Empire, we’re all about helping others laugh. Whether it’s with any one of our hundreds of Halloween costumes or some of our classic gag items, we love getting others to chuckle. For National Humor Month, check out our plucked rubber chicken, the perfect item to serve at a banquet or give to a friend who raises chickens. Want to impress someone with how tough you really are? Our fake switchblade knife that opens to reveal a comb is sure to get a few laughs when you flick it open. Wear it with one of our 1950s costumes for greater affect.

Shaking things up at the office during National Humor Month can start with our clown horn. Honk it a few times behind someone who’s concentrating on their work and watch them jump! Your other coworkers will laugh in appreciation while being relieved you didn’t honk at them. Or give some of your coworkers a well-deserved trophy for being the Best Butt Kisser or Most Likely to Offend a Customer – your imagination is the only limit!

Clowning Around

The universal symbol of humor in nearly every culture is the clown. You can find clowns around the world and across the centuries. Many of them have shared characteristics such as outlandish, colorful clothing, heavy makeup and gag props they use to capture their audiences’ attention. At Halloween Empire we offer clown costumes for everyone from toddlers to seniors as well as humorous accessories like wigs, masks and inflatable props. Clowns are such classic Halloween costumes, they are predicted to be one of the top costumes people will be choosing for 2019. During National Humor Month, they are sure to be a red-hot item!

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