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Avengers Endgame Movie Costumes

Classic Movie Costumes You’ll Love

Ah, the movies! We all love watching bigger than life characters come to life on the screen, and we often fantasize about becoming the characters we love. Luck is on your side at Halloween Empire. We’ve recently added a whole new line of movie costumes based on some of the best blockbuster films out there, as well as lots of costumes you can put together to recreate characters from movies of the past.

Avenger Costumes

The Avengers, that wonderful band of superheroes who have saved the world multiple times in comics, graphic novels and on the silver screen, have arrived at Halloween Empire. Choose your favorite Avenger costume from our impressive array, including Captain America and Ironman. We haven’t forgotten about the proper accessories, either. Captain America’s iconic shield will complete your superhero look for any event. If you’re a fan of the Avengers: Infinity War, take a look at our newest addition, the Iron Spider costume for your kids. If you tend to secretly love the villains in superhero movies, you’re in luck – we have the perfect Thanos costume for fans of Infinity War!

Justice League Costumes

For those of you who are fans of the DC Universe, we also have a great selection of Justice League movie costumes based on the series of Justice League films, including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Looking for Justice League costumes for the little ones? You’re in luck! They can channel their favorite movie superheroes by wearing Halloween Empire’s complete line of Superhero Halloween costumes designed specifically for kids, including all the essential details like flowing capes. Your son or daughter will look heroic wearing our kids’ Batman costume, complete with mask, belt and gauntlets.

Modern Classic Movie Costumes

If you love movies but aren’t a superhero fan, you can still dress up as a character from the movies with help from Halloween Empire. We carry a full line of licensed Harry Potter costumes and Ghostbusters costumes. Our Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume is sure to elicit some chuckles when your child shows up wearing this classic Ghostbusters outfit. It even inflates for a truly authentic look! Are you into scarier movies? Then Halloween Empire has your  back with our incredibly creepy adult Pennywise costume from the horror movie IT. Make sure you’re carrying your red balloon when you go out in this outfit.

Recreate Your Own Favorite Movie Costume

This inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume is comfortable and unforgettable!

This Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume is Comfortable and Unforgettable.

You don’t have to settle for the modern movie costumes above. After all, if you’re in love with movies about the 20s and 30s like “The Great Gatsby,” “The Untouchables” or “Road to Perdition,” you can dress up as your favorite gangster costume or flapper outfit. We also carry a great selection of accessories to complete your look, including wigs, hats and jewelry for an authentic look everyone will admire.

More of a 1960s and 70s era movie fan? Check out our hippie costumes if you love counter-culture flicks like “Easy Rider.” From fringed vests to granny glasses, we have everything you’ll need for that flower power look. For those who love disco movies like “Saturday Night Fever,” Halloween Empire has some of the shiniest polyester costumes you can find anywhere. You’ll want to dance the night away in our men’s disco jumpsuit or our 1970s Diva costume.

Whatever movie you’ve fallen in love with, Halloween Empire has the costumes, wigs and accessories you’ll need to recreate your favorite character or scene memorably.

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