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Celebrate World Goth Day in Dark Style

May 22 is World Goth Day, a holiday that originated in the United Kingdom in 2009 as a way for goth lovers to celebrate their unique personalities, interest in gothic music and dark fashion sense. Since then, it has spread to most countries and is now a chance for the millions of people who consider themselves Goths to showcase their passions for all things mysterious and outside the norm. There’s more to World Goth Day than dressing up, but it’s a great place to start.

Gothic Costumes

At Halloween Empire, we have all you need to display your Gothic sense of style. Our Gothic Count costume includes stylish details like a cravat and top hat, but you can add your own details to make it truly your own. Or try out our Gothic Vamp costume that’s styled after a classic turn-of-the-century character from popular Goth literature.

The ladies can get their Goth on as well in one of several dark and beautiful outfits like our Venetian Harlequin done in moody, Gothic style complete in black satin and burgundy velveteen. Complete the look with one of our Goth wigs and full makeup that will give you that deadly pallor so prized by Gothic laidies everywhere.

Go Gothic with Halloween Empire’s Gothic Makeup and Wigs

Throw a World Goth Day Party

Celebrate with your friends on World Goth Day by throwing a party. You don’t have to settle for boring or mundane if you host a get-together at a haunted house or arrange for some creepy psychic readings for your guests. Hire a Goth band or arrange for the DJ to spin some tunes by groups like the Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, London After Midnight and Bauhaus. Mix up some drinks with Gothic flavors and serve them in our Gothic wine glasses, complete with skulls and a boney hand holding your brew. You can find some fabulous Gothic drinks at, including some using Absinthe, that beloved drink of Edgard Allen Poe, the Gothic author.

Brush Up on Gothic Literature

Not into the party scene? Indulge in some of the creepiest literature ever written by reading some of literature’s Gothic greats. Frankenstein and Dracula are two of finest examples of Gothic literature ever written if you want a truly ghoulish tale. For something more focused on atmosphere and psychological chills and less on monsters, try The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera or The Turn of the Screw. One of the earliest Gothic novels written was The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins, so be sure to raise a glass to Mr. Collins for contributing to a rich tradition of Gothic literature that sprung up during the Victorian era. Who knew classic lit could provide such shivering, nerve-racking pleasure? If you’re looking for something more contemporary, try Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale or The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks.

If you’d like to learn more about World Goth Day 2019, visit the original website at and check out their suggestions and read through the FAQs, where you’re learn more about how and why this modern holiday was founded. We won’t say “Happy World Goth Day,” because that would be, well, weird. Instead, Halloween Empire suggests you simply be true to yourself and your Goth identity and celebrate in whatever macabre way works for you.

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