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St patricks day pot of gold, hat and shamrocks over a green background

From St. Patrick’s Day Costumes To Irish Drinks, Throwing a Great St. Paddy’s Day Party

St patricks day pot of gold, hat and shamrocks over a green background
A successful St. Patrick’s Day Party should start with lots of green and gold.

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and plenty of people will be celebrating. Whether you want to have a party to celebrate St. Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland, highlight your Irish heritage or you simply love the idea of drinking green beer in a leprechaun costume, there are lots of ways to have a great party.

Irish Costumes

No St. Patrick’s Day party is complete without a few Irish lasses in traditional Irish garb like our Fever St. Patrick’s Day Costume or our Smiffy St. Paddy’s Day costume complete with hat and bow tie. For a bit of fun, try on our Sheamus Craic Leprechaun costume.

Irish Food & Drink

Your guests will expect an Irish feast when they come to your party. Be sure to serve them some classic Irish foods. You don’t have to stick with corned beef and cabbage. Some other Irish favorites that are sure to be hit include Shepherd’s Pie, Irish Soda Bread sweetened with orange and currants, green-tinted cupcakes decorated with shamrocks, scones, lamb stew or chocolate cupcakes laced with Guinness Stout.

You can stick with tradition and serve Guinness Stout or go green by serving ale tinted green with food coloring to your guests. There are plenty of other festive options such as Irish Coffee, Mint Schnapps milkshakes and Irish whiskey.

Keep It Green and Gold

Any decent St. Paddy’s Day party starts with a lots of green. From the color of the drinks to what you wear, keep Kelly green, shamrocks and gold in mind. Send out green invitations with shamrocks or four-leaf clovers on them, decorate with bright shades of green and gold, and be sure to include a few Irish flags. Men can slip into one of our leprechaun costumes while the ladies wear one of our sexy St. Patrick’s Day costumes that feature lots of green with a bit of sparkle.

St. Patrick’s Day Games

If you’re hosting a kid’s party this St. Patrick’s Day, have some fun games ready with an Irish theme such as Irish Bingo or Pin-the-Hat on the Leprechaun. You can also add some festive decorations, including a rainbow that leads to a pot of gold. Use a small crock or jar painted gold to hold treat bags filled with Irish-themed gifts like shamrock rings and gold-foil wrapped chocolate coins for leprechaun treasure.

Irish Music

Background music is always appropriate for any celebration, and there’s a great tradition of Irish music you can tap into for your party. Choose a selection of Irish ballads and folk songs for a more traditional party or opt for modern Irish bands and singers it you want to keep it contemporary. Think U2, Sinead O’Connor, Enya, The Cranberries and Van Morrison for upbeat favorites.

Blonde woman wearing green and gold St. Patrick's Day dress, vest and hat.
Irish dancing in a brilliant St. Patrick’s Day costume will entertain your guests.

If you go for traditional Irish music, consider learning a few steps to an Irish, set dancing or ceili dancing. These are all forms of Irish dancing that have been a part of Irish culture for generations. You can download tutorials from the Internet. Impress your guests when you lead the guests in a round of dancing while wearing a St. Patrick’s Day costume from Halloween Empire!

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