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Happy Mother's Day illustration with tropical flowers and leaves in bright colors.

For Mother’s Day, Consider a Few of the Many Hats Your Mom Wears

They say a mother’s work is never done and at Halloween Empire we agree. Moms seem to do it all – they wear a lot of hats in order to keep the household running and every family member happy and healthy. This year on Mother’s Day, be sure to consider the many roles she fills on a regular basis and praise her for a job well done. So just how many roles does your mom perform?

The Family Nurse

No one takes better care of you when you’re sick than your Mom does. She soothes your fever, makes sure you’re comfortably tucked into bed or on the couch, she makes you comfort foods and takes you to the doctor if you need a prescription. She patched up your skinned knees and kissed away boo-boos. Let’s hear it for the best nurse in town – Mom!

Your Personal Cheerleader

No one is a greater cheerleader than your mom. She attended all your games, she drove you to and from practices, she paid for expensive sports gear and she cheered you on from the sidelines. She may have even embarrassed you a few times with her excessive excitement every time you did something, but you always knew she was there rooting for you! It didn’t matter if it was a spelling bee or a swim meet, you knew Mom was there and was cheering for you. You’ll never have a better cheerleader than Mom!


Remember all those times you and your siblings were at each other’s throats? Who pulled you apart and put you in separate corners? Who settled your arguments and decided who was right? Who picked the winner in any of those countless contests you had with your brother or sister? Yep! Mom had the final say and was the best referee in the house.


This Mother’s Day, thank your mom for all those years as the household chef!

Mom could always be counted on to put food on the table, and it was always delicious. She shopped for the groceries, made sure there were snacks available and prepared meals that were nutritious and yummy. Having a mom is like having your own personal chef in your home, and most of the time we don’t realize how great this is until we move out on our own and realize how much we miss her and those wonderful meals!


All those years you were growing up you probably didn’t worry about who was doing your laundry, washing the sheets, dusting the furniture, vacuuming and generally keeping your little corner of the world clean, fresh and deodorized. Newsflash – that was your mom, the original house maid. So when you’re scrubbing your own toilet, remember that your mom did that for you for years without a single thank you from anyone. (Until this Mother’s Day, hopefully.)


Ball games, dance practices, play rehearsal, birthday parties, the mall…there were so many places to go and things to do when you were a kid! And mom dropped everything to haul your butt around to locations near and far. She was your chauffeur for years, racking up thousands of miles and picking you up at all hours of the day and night so that you could be a social butterfly. We hope you tipped her accordingly.

This Mother’s Day, remember the many hats your mom has worn over the years and show her how much you appreciate the years she spent making your life the best it could be. Take her out to dinner so she doesn’t have to be the chef. Chauffeur her to one of her favorite places. Offer to be her maid for the day. Do anything that will make her feel special. Whatever you choose, we guarantee your mom will love it, and you! Happy Mother’s Day from Halloween Empire!

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