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White Easter bunny rabbit with a basket of colorful chocolate Easter eggs

Celebrate Easter with Halloween Empire!

With Easter on the horizon, it’s time to think about all things spring – from Egg Hunts to Easter Bunnies. At Halloween Empire, we have what you need to make every Egg Hunt a success. You have to have a bunny, of course, and we have two great options that will ensure even the youngest set will be comfortable when having their portrait taken with the Easter Rabbit.

Easter Bunny Costume Options

Our most popular Easter Bunny costume is an easy-to-wear, one-piece suit with a hood. It can fit anyone and features a bunny face on the hood. It’s perfect for photo ops or for the Master of Ceremonies at the egg hunt. Made of polyester, it’s easy care and inexpensive.

We also offer a one piece Rabbit Costume complete with floppy ears and a rabbit nose on an elastic band for authenticity and comfort. Finish off this outfit with some white facial makeup and draw on some whiskers for a truly believable look. You’ll be inspired to lead the bunny hop when wearing this Easter costume!

If you prefer to dress up in your own outfit but want a realistic bunny face that ensures no one knows who the man (or woman) behind the mask is, try our latex, pull-on rabbit mask. It’s got great details like stand-up ears accented with pink, buck teeth and a bright pink nose.

Want to have more than one Easter character to entertain the little ones? Take a look at our duck costumes. We offer several variations that feature bright yellow plumage and orange beaks. Get quacking at the Egg Hunt and you’ll soon have some little followers who want to play with a jolly, spring-time duck.

Man in duck costume
Nothing says Easter or springtime like a big, fluffy duck!

Easter Egg Hunt Favors

Of course, no egg hunt is complete without prizes and favors for all the little participants. Traditional egg hunts usually feature lots of plastic eggs stuffed with small treats such as candies, coins and stickers, but you don’t have to stop there. Our beaded bracelets and fluorescent beads come in assorted spring colors like pink, green and yellow and are perfect for prizes or to put in a pinata. They’re also a great alternative to candy if you want to keep the sugar intake under control. Even our alien necklaces are an inexpensive treat to tuck into Easter baskets. The bright colors and flashing lights will bring smiles to the faces of all the kids who get one.

Fun Spring Accessories

Going to a family get-together or evening out? Be sure to dress up your outfit with a few sparkling spring accessories. We offer sequin suspenders and bow ties in classic black or bold colors to add a colorful, playful touch to your Easter finery.

Whether you’re a Bunny, a Spring Duckling or wearing a sequin bow tie, you’ll be the hit of the Easter Parade!

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