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Blast from the Past: Create the Perfect 1950s Costumes

The 1950s are a decade people look back on fondly. It seemed like a time of innocence and optimism. Teens led charmed lives and were respectful of their elders, even when  they were a bit rebellious. Movie stars like James Dean, Doris Day, Rock  Hudson and Marilyn Monroe embodied the glamour of the times and rock n’ roll music was taking the country by storm. Is it any surprise that 1950s Halloween costumes are so popular? From rockers to punks and cheerleaders to Pink Ladies, people love the nostalgia of dressing up in 1950s costumes. At Halloween Empire, we have the costumes, wigs and accessories you’ll need for the perfect 1950s look that will knock everyone’s socks off!

1950s High School Sweethearts

Remember when guys on the football team all wore their lettermen jackets and their girlfriends dressed in poodle skirts? Recreate that look with your significant other. Halloween Empire’s 1950s Letterman Jacket is the perfect way to top off a white tee-shirt and blue jeans to be one of the coolest kids at school. For you ladies, check out our Poodle Skirt costume. You can complete your look with one of our fabulous fifties’ wigs, like this 50s beehive bob hairdo. You’ll be ready to rock and around the clock!

Diner Doll

In the 1950s, slinging hash was a common job for women, and they usually had to wear a uniform when taking orders at the local malt shop. Our Diner Girl costume has all the little touches that make it authentic, from the matching apron and pink and white color coordination to the cute little hat to perch on your ponytail.

Bowling Night Dad

Want to dress up just like your parents or grandparents did when they were young? We bet lots of them belonged to a Friday night bowling league. Our 1950s bowling shirt will transform you into the ideal 1950s Dad, ready to have a beer and get a strike.

Accessories Complete the Look

The details can transform a costume from good to great, so be sure you get the right accessories for your 1950s costumes. Our ladies’ 1950s rock and roll outfit includes everything from the poodle skirt and polka dot top to a sweet little neck scarf. For added authenticity, wear it with bobby socks and saddle shoes.

For men, you can’t go rock and roll without a stylish hairdo like the King of Rock and Roll’s. We have an Elvis-style wig that’s impressive enough to have you singing, “Don’t Be Cruel” all night long. For that James Dean look, be sure you tuck our fake switchblade comb into your  back pocket. You’ll look plenty tough and be able to keep that perfect hair in line at the same time.

Now head on down to the malt shop and pop some money into that jukebox to start hoppin’ and boppin,’ to your favorite 1950s tunes!

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