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Pink Cupcake with a sparkler against pink background

National Pink Day is June 23

There are lots of holidays to celebrate throughout the year; some of them are religious, some national and others honor specific people. On most holidays, you have certain commitments to family, your country or others, or you have to provide a meal or give gifts. National Pink day is nothing like that. It is that rare holiday that exists just for fun. You don’t have to do anything but appreciate the color pink! If you want to, you can take note of National Pink Day, but there are no set expectations, which keeps this holiday fun and light-hearted, just like the color.

Blue Boy and Pinkie

While most people associate pink with girls and femininity, that wasn’t always the case. Before the 1800s, pink was considered a strong color that was reserved primarily for men. It was considered too bold for women, who were more likely to wear shades of blue. In the 1770, artist Thomas Gainsborough painted a portrait of a boy dressed in blue that is often referred to as “Blue Boy.” In 1794, Thomas Lawrence painted a portrait of the young Sarah Barrett Moulton dressed in a delicate, pink dress and bonnet. Today these are two of the most famous paintings in the world and are often referred to as Blue Boy and Pinkie. The portrait of Sarah quickly gave rise to pink as a popular color for girls. Seldom has life imitated art so thoroughly!

Pink Through the Decades                                     

Over the last two hundred years, pink has consistently been a popular color, but there are a few decades where it really took off. In the 1950s, pink was so popular, many homeowners had at least one room decorated in pink. Pink and black was a popular color combination for everything from Barbie doll clothes to bathrooms. To channel your inner 1950’s girl, try dancing through the day in a pink poodle skirt or wearing a pink waitress’ costume.  Another era that fell in love with all thinks pink was the 1980s, when material girls everywhere were rocking out in hot pink fashions from pink tutu dresses to sunglasses and leggings.

We love this soft pink “diner girl” outfit with great details like the gingham and ruffle trim, pink hat and pink-trimmed apron.

Pink Today

These days, everybody wears pink. While some people still consider it a “girl” color, there are lots of men wearing pink polo shirts, pink dress shirts and more. In fact, it is one of the most popular colors in fashion today. Rose gold jewelry is gold in a lovely shade of metallic pink and is often used for engagement rings and other romantic jewelry.

Ways to Indulge in Your Love of Pink

There are lots of ways to show you love pink on National Pink Day. You can:

  • Wear pink clothes
  • Dye your hair pink or wear a pink wig
  • Bake pink cupcakes frosted with pink icing
  • Decorate your home with some fun, fabulous pink accessories like an inflatable pink flamingo
  • Treat yourself to some pink cotton candy or strawberry ice cream
  • Listen to music by Pink or Pink Floyd
  • Paint a room in your house a soft shade of pink
  • Sip some pink lemonade
  • Get a pink manicure or pedicure to show off this summer

So go ahead and show your love of all things pink on June 23rd. It’s truly a happy, pretty, festive color worth celebrating!

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