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Geek couple wearing thick glasses and suspenders giving the thumbs up.

Go Geek for Geek Pride Day!

April 25, 2019 is the day to celebrate your Inner Geek. It’s Geek Pride Day, which established in 2006 in Spain by a blogger who wanted to recognize the contributions of individuals who fit the definition of a “geek” but who were fascinating and valuable members of society. While the term used to be considered derogatory, most people now embrace the term Geek when it’s applied to them. Geeks are the people who are fascinated by things such as video games, CosPlay, computers, fantasy role-playing activities, superheroes and science fiction. They are usually seen as socially awkward and unathletic and are almost always introverts and highly intelligent. Today, most people consider Geeks to be lovable friends who may be just a bit different.

There is even a Geek Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, which you can check out on the Visible Strand website. Among the rights of geeks are “the right to not like football or any other sport,” “the right to associate with other nerds,” and even, “the right to take over the world.”

Embracing Your Inner Geek

Throwing a Geek themed party is a great way to celebrate the annual day dedicated to celebrating the beauty of being a Geek. While the definition of a geek has evolved over the years, many people still picture the typical geek as wearing a shirt buttoned too high at the neck, thick glasses a la Elvis Costello and a pocket protector in his pocket. You’ll get lots of laughs if you show up at the office or a friend’s house in the evening dressed up as your geeky alter-ego. Wear the thick specs with a buttoned-up shirt and a bow tie, then toss on suspenders adjusted to pull your pants up just a little too high to complete your look.

If you don’t want to dress up as a geek, feel free to dress up as one of the many superheroes so loved by geeks who appreciate comics, fantasy books such as Harry Potter, sci-fi movies such as Star Wars and superhero sagas like the Avengers series. At Halloween Empire you’ll find the ideal costume for Geek Pride Day, Halloween or your next trip to Comic Con or the Star Trek convention. We have fabulous costumes like Deadpool, Wonder Woman, or Black Panther.

Throw a Geek Pride Party

Go ahead and invite your geek friends over on Geek Pride Day and celebrate a day dedicated to all the things you love. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Binge watch your favorite Star Wars or Star Trek movies.
  • Play your favorite video game or visit an arcade together and challenge each other to a Pac Man tournament.
  • Choose a theme such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Anime, etc. You have plenty of beloved geek themes to choose from.
  • Serve potions instead of drinks, offer your guests foods based on favorite books or movies and decorate your home accordingly.
  • Ask everyone to bring the favorite geek item for a “show and tell.” It could be their limited edition action figure of Batman, the One Ring of Power engraved in Elvish, or their Harry Potter Wand.
  • Encourage guests to wear their favorite CosPlay costume and stay in character throughout the night.

Whatever you want to do to celebrate Geek Pride Day on May 25th, Halloween Empire has the accessories, décor and costumes to make it memorable. So GO GEEK!

Geek Pride Bonus Question: Why did German Martinez, the founder of Geek Pride Day, choose May 25 as the date to celebrate?

Answer: Because May 25, 1977 was the release date of the original Star Wars movie.

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