TV, Movies & Gaming Costumes

TV, Movies & Gaming Costumes

What would you fill up your free-time with if it wasn’t for video games? Nothing beats curling up under a blanket with some popcorn and having a movie night with your friends or loved-ones! Do you pull all-nighters binge-watching your favorite shows? Make the magic of media happen in real life with Halloween Empire’s line of TV, Movies & Gaming Costumes! You’ll find all of your favorite characters such as Jojo Siwa, Harry Potter, IT, Ghostbusters, Deadpool, Avengers, and even Mortal Kombat! The possibilities are endless

TV Costumes

You stream, you binge-watch, you’re their biggest fan! Why not take it a step further with Halloween Empire’s line of TV costumes? Whether you’re dressing up as the best character from a fan favorite TV show for Halloween or watching the premiere of a new season with your buddies, you can’t go wrong with a great costume! Do you love to dance? Is Dance Moms on Lifetime your favorite show? Get a Jojo Siwa costume for your little girl! Her eyes will light up when she dresses up as her favorite TV character. Steal the show with your favorite character this Halloween

Movie Costumes

Having a movie marathon with your closest pals? Want to capture the essense of your favorite flicks for Halloween? Join the movie madness with Halloween Empire’s line of Movies Costumes! Take a trip faraway to platform 9 3/4 and hop a train to Hogwarts with a Harry Potter costume. People will question whether or not you’re REALLY from the wizarding world! What if there’s something strange in your neighborhood? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters… or get into a Ghostbusters costume! Whether you want to stand out at the IT part 2 premiere or show your love for Avenger’s Endgame, we’ve got just the costume for you

Gaming Costumes

Bring your favorite video game characters to life with Halloween Empire’s line of Gaming Costumes! Do you obsess over practicing combo moves and fatalities in Mortal Kombat? FINISH THEM and make the biggest impression on everyone at your next video game con or Halloween party when you cosplay as Sub-zero, Scorpion, or Raiden. Where would we be without the magic of video games? Put down the controller, live out your dream in real life and hop into your favorite character’s costume