Decades Costumes

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Decades Costumes

Take a trip back in time to your favorite stylish era with Halloween Empire’s line of Decades Costumes! Going to a decades-themed costume party? We have all the best selection to emulate the feel of the best throwbacks in time. From 1920s to 1980s, become anyone from a flapper to a hippie!

1920’s Costumes

Become a ritzy flapper doll or a gun-wielding gangster gent who frequents the gin mill with Halloween Empire’s line of 1920s Decades Costumes. With our grizzly gangster costumes, you’ll find yourself wanting to pop ’em right in the kisser and blow that lame joint. If you’re more keen on being a show guy, we have costume for an old star too. What about a fashionable flapper gal? With a feisty flapper costume, you’ll have all the swell fellas stuck on you. Make an even more swanky appearance with some spiffy jewels to match. Well don’t just stand there! Get a costume and be the cat’s meow of your decades occasion.

1950’s Costumes

Throwback to the fashionable ’50s with Halloween Empire’s line of 1950s Decades Costumes. Step into a dress and apron and all the sudden you aint no typical diner gal, you’re a dolly. Boast at your next bash in the best Elvis costume and show off your amazing impressions, Uh huh huh, thank ya, thank ya very much. Don’t forget your specs, because what’s the king without his shades? You’ll have blast from the past when you take a look through our poodle skirt costumes. Pair it with a neck scarf and you’re ready to rock n’ roll, baby

1960’s Costumes

Get GROOVY baby and take a trip back to Woodstock with Halloween Empire’s line of 1960s Decades Costumes. Are you a music festival kind of girl? Get your groove on with a flower child-style costume and look like a boho babe. Is funky and colorful more your thing? Go-Go in tie-dye of many different forms, from dresses, to matching t shirts and pants! If you’re a guy with a wild side, we have multiple different styles and colors of slack suits. Is pink and crazy your thing or are you a laid back, brown and green kinda guy? And don’t forget your peace sign medallions.

1970’s Costumes

Become a foxy mama or Casanova disco king with Halloween Empire’s line of 1970s Decades Costumes. Boogy in the best get-up with our dancing dream costumes for the ladies! Have you always wanted to be a disco dirt-bag with an Afro and ‘stache? We have kits for that! You aren’t tripping, but your psychedelic rocker costume will make you think you are! Far out man! Become a spicy diva with a skintight diva costume and make them shout, “hey, sunshine!” You’ll go bananas when you see the possibilities and you’ll never have to blow another taco stand embarrassed by your get-up again.

1980’s Costumes

Going to a decades-themed party? Everyone knows the 80s are the most iconic era. Why not bring back all the bright and colorful spandex and scrunchies? Be totes groovy with Halloween Empire’s line of 1980’s Decades Costumes! You’ll wish you had a time machine when you reminisce about all of the best music last century has to offer. In order to groove out to Thriller by Michael Jackson, or Livin’ on a prayer by Bon Jovi, I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston, you DEF need some gnarly neon leggings. Don’t take a chill pill, get stoked for Halloween with an 80s rock star costume. Want to turn up your fame factor? We even have everyone’s favorite wild child singer costume, Madonna! Who doesn’t want to be everyone’s favorite pop singer of this era? Or ANY person from the 1980’s at that?