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Adult Halloween Costumes for 2019

Going to a Halloween party or just simply taking your kid out trick or treating? We have adult Halloween costumes for EVERY situation! Get into Halloween with groovy disco outfit, or get crazy scary with a bloody zombie costume! What about your kid’s favorite animal? We have everything from zebras and monkeys to lions and wolves! Don’t miss out on getting into the Halloween spirit.

Men’s Adult Halloween Costumes

Show off your cool side this Halloween with our extensive collection of Men’s Halloween Costumes! Looking for something classic? We have Halloween costumes for men of ALL Eras, 1920s to 1980s! More of a gorilla or a lion man? No problem, we have animal costumes for you too to transform into an entirely different species! Animal costumes, around the world costumes, horror costumes, robes, humor costumes, superhero costumes and more! You won’t have trouble finding a costume shopping in our store.

Women’s Adult Halloween Costumes

Glam up for Halloween, girl! The only hard part about choosing from our Women’s Halloween Costumes is that you’ll look so fabulous in all of them! Want to be a scary she-witch or a devil? What about something on the sexy side? Is magical mermaid more your style? What about creating your own costume? Be an animal, around the world, classic, horrorific, sexy and more! We’ve got you covered!

Plus Size Adult Halloween Costumes

Having trouble finding a Halloween costume in your size? You won’t have trouble at Halloween Empire! We understand that no two people are built exactly the same and that’s what makes us unique and special. Find the perfect costume for you that your body will look even more beautiful in than it already is! We have everything for your from french maid costumes, to hippie guy costumes and more!