Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Empire has one of the largest selections of Halloween costumes you can get online! You won’t find in physical stores what you can find here. We take pride in our huge selection of costumes unmatched in the industry. We stock the most costumes in various sizes and styles, you can be sure to find the best one that will match your specific requirements.

Adult Halloween Costumes

Going to a Halloween party or just simply taking your kid out trick or treating? We have adult Halloween costumes for EVERY situation! Get into Halloween with groovy disco outfit, or get crazy scary with a bloody zombie costume! What about your kid’s favorite animal? We have everything from zebras and monkeys to lions and wolves! Don’t miss out on getting into the Halloween spirit.

Baby & Toddler Halloween Costumes

Dress your baby up as spooky or fab as you. Halloween Empire’s line of baby & toddler costumes will make you do a double-take at your little one. Is that my kid or a cute little bat? Who would be able to tell? We’ll give your child a love for Halloween right from their very first steps!

Kid’s Halloween Costumes

Your kid, tween or teen will look too cool for school in their very own Halloween costumes! Picky kid? No problem! We have plenty of kid’s costumes to choose from. Be a cheerleader with pretty, sparkly pom poms. Is your girl more of a tomboy? Get in touch with her wild side with a cute bear costume! Your son will look like he’s ready to take off and fight crime with an awesome superhero costume. Do they have a favorite character? No problem! We carry tons of popular character costumes such as batman, superwoman, mermaid costumes to be the little mermaid for a night, dracula and even more! So what are you waiting for?!

Costume Add-ons & Undergarments

Is your halloween costume missing something? Completing your costume could be as simple as a corset or a tutu. Need a cape for your superhero costume, but want to be unique? We have all different colors! What about a robe for a wizard or a witch? Pick from a plain ol’ solid color robe, or a reversible galaxy robe if you want to change it up next year! Your costume doesn’t have to be complicated, we even have tshirts that double as costumes as a cheaper alternative to buying a whole costume. Make your costume YOUR OWN with costume add-ons and undergarments!