Halloween Cosmetics

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Halloween Cosmetics

Complete your costume with halloween cosmetics! You can’t go out half-done up! We have a variety of everything. Costume makeup will make your witch or clown costume POP. Eyelashes and hair extensions add an extra diva glam. Special effects makeup finishes a bloody, beat-up look that can turn any costume into a horror show! Don’t miss out on WOWing your friends for your next Halloween party!

Halloween Costume Makeup

Facepaints, lipstick and nail polish, oh my! Whether you prefer to go all out with greasepaint or facepaint, or just keep it simple (and extra goth) with a black lipstick, we’ve got it. Small details made with Halloween cosmetics make a huge difference when creating your spooky look.

Halloween Eyelashes & Hair Extensions

Flutter those ‘lashes and flip that hair! You’ll be a whole new you with your polka dot eyelashes or butterfly eyelashes! Eyelash extensions are a simple way to take your Halloween cosmetics game to the next level. Your eyes will be as BOLD as your costume!

Halloween Fake Tattoos

Give your gangster costume some extra OOMPH with halloween fake tattoos. You can have a day of the dead skull candy costume without a skull tattoo and some face gems! In any situation, we have what you need.

Halloween Special Effects Makeup

Bruised, bloody and beaten, a great Halloween Special Effects makeup look that will turn heads no matter what. Are you a zombie looking to make half your face missing? Or a werewolf who just isn’t quite the same without a proper nose? We have prosthetics and liquid latex to help you out with that too!

Halloween Vampire Fangs

Show some fang! We have multiple different types of Halloween vampire fangs for any authentic vampire look. Combine them with some of our special effects makeup and you’ll look like you just feasted on some delicious blood!