Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Have some friends who are getting married soon? Don’t be the only dull one at the Bachelor/Bachelorette party! Everyone will roar with laughter when you walk in with a funny top or shorts. We have something “special” for any party!

Bachelorette Gifts and Pranks

Make your best gal pal’s jaw drop with our bachelorette gifts and pranks. What are you wearing on your face?! A willy mask. Looking for something a little less shocking? We have garters and sashes too! You’ll be sure to find something for you and bride-to-be to make the night and your bachelorette party extra spicy!

Bachelor Gifts and Pranks

Make your best guy friends get loud when they see what bachelor gifts and pranks you have in store for them. A ball and chain for an unsuspecting groom-to-be is perfect to cause an uproar! Want to make them a bit more uncomfortable for the sake of laughter? We have you covered with some bum and willy shorts or even a blow up doll! Your bachelor party will be a blast!