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Basic Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Zombies are all around again this Halloween. The continuing popularity of zombies has become legendary. If you want to step up your zombie game, you’ll need some realistic looking zombie makeup to truly look like the walking dead. Everyone knows that zombies have pale faces and sunken eyes, but you’ll also want to include a bloody wound or two for effectiveness. Our zombie makeup tutorial can help.

To get started, gather the tools you’ll need. The easiest way is to invest in a zombie makeup kit, but if you’re freestyling, at a minimum you’ll need gray or white base makeup, black makeup, fake blood, latex makeup, lipstick in gray, black, dark red or white and  makeup sponges. If you’ve never used latex on your skin, be sure to test the makeup on a small patch of skin for 24 hours to ensure you aren’t allergic.

Laying the Foundation

You’ll want an all-over base of pale gray or white makeup. This should be a thin layer evenly applied with a makeup sponge for good coverage. Don’t worry about it being completely smooth or even – remember, you’re a rotting corpse.


The next step is applying the black makeup to add contouring. Apply around the eye sockets to give your eyes a sunken look. Use the sponge to blend out the edges. Don’t use too heavy a hand. Next, apply just under your cheekbones and blend to make your cheekbones stand out and give your face a sunken look. Finally, dab a bit of the black around your nostrils and along your chin line and blend so that the look is seamless.


This is a personal choice, but you will need a lipstick or lip pencil in the appropriate shade. Many people opt to use the same gray or white used on their face, while other prefer to make their lips stand out with either black lipstick or a very dark, bloody red. It is one off the best areas for adding a personal touch to your look.

Latex Zombie Makeup Tips

Use liquid latex sparingly, as a little goes a long way. Choose a few places on your face where you’d like to have a facial wound. Dab on a bit of the latex, then be patient while it dries. Don’t play with it or touch it too much. You want it to be fully dry by still pliable, at which point you can carefully tear a hole in it and stretch the torn edges to create the edges of the wound. It doesn’t have to look perfect. Using either a small paintbrush or a single finger, add a bit of black to the center of the wound. If you like, throw some gray in as well. Finally, open a tube of fake blood and drip some of it into the center of the wound. It will drip, which is what you want. It should look like blood seeping out of newly opened wound.

If you want to apply a major wound on your face, neck or other part of your body, consider using a wound transfer or fake wound. If your arms will show in your costume, consider adding a larger wound on our arm where it won’t interfere with your vision and will add a gory touch to your zombie makeup and costume.


Your zombie makeup won’t be complete without blood. After you’ve add a bit of gel blood to any wounds, apply a little bit at the corners of your mouth, letting it drip down your chin. You want to look like you’ve just eaten a tasty zombie snack!

To “flesh out” your zombie makeup (sorry, we couldn’t resist), be sure to add a few accessories from Halloween Empire. We have zombie wigs already dripping with blood, fake blood, various wounds and dozens of zombie costumes from a zombie pharaoh to a zombie bride.  No matter what kind of zombie costume you wear this Halloween, our zombie makeup tutorial will give you the ghoulish look you’re seeking.

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