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Happy male friends at bachelor party drinking beer and clinking glasses at bar or pub

How Wild Will Your Bachelor Party Be?

Bachelor parties, called stag parties in some parts of the world, can be either wild-and-crazy or more traditional and classier. Which one you go with is up to you and depends largely on what kind of person the groom is and what type of party he would enjoy the most. Halloween Empire has bachelor party accessories that fit either type of get-together.

Wild and Crazy Bachelor Party

If you and your friends prefer to have some fun that’s on the raunchy side, including telling off-color jokes and making sure everyone knows who the groom is and why you’re celebrating, Halloween Empire has what you need. We carry a complete line of racy accessories such as our Willy Shorts, featuring boxer shorts with a bare bum in the back and a fake willy hanging out the front. When the groom steps into these, letting it all hang out, comments and jokes are sure to follow.

You can also strap a pair of inflatable boobs onto the groom for your bachelor’s party night out on the town. He can let others play with these boobs if he likes, or he may want to keep them to himself for the evening. Either way, if he’s wearing these, he’s sure to get lots of comments and a few free drinks into the bargain. And if the groomsmen reach out and touch them occasionally, who can blame them?  For the truly wild and crazy party, the Bonking Baa Baa Sheep is sure to garner some laughs. Have the groom tuck this adorable sheep under his arm for the evening and he’s sure to draw some stares.

Traditional Bachelor Party

For the more traditional bachelor party, Halloween Empire offers accessories that are funny without being too racy. If the bachelor party will include all ages, a traditional bachelor night might include dinner out and some drinks at a great bar. This doesn’t mean you can’t make sure everyone knows who the groom is. Our Ball and Chain can be worn by the groom all night long in complete comfort. Wherever he goes, he’ll be sure to remember he’ll soon be losing his freedom for the “old ball and chain.”

Man's leg with plastic ball and chain.
No bachelor party is complete without a ball and chain for the groom!

We also offer our Stag Night Horns for the groom to wear. These towering stag accessories will make him easy to spot even across a crowded room. Want to have a few games for the guests? Our stag antlers make impressive targets for a quick game of ring toss. The groom can keep moving to make scoring a ringer more difficult.

Whether you’re going traditional or wild and crazy, our female Blow-Up Doll can be the special guest of honor, the only female allowed to crash the bachelor party. Dress her up and invite each guest to try his hand at getting her undressed with one hand. There’s sure to be plenty of laughter and the man who gets the job done fastest wins a prize. Or simply take this inflatable beauty along as a mascot as your bachelor party moves from one venue to the next. She’s sure to be a hit with everyone you meet.

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