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Five Great DIY Costume Ideas

At Halloween Empire we offer thousands of costume ideas from frightening to inspiring, but we know not everyone wants a ready-made costume. Many of you love nothing more than to put together a do-it-yourself costume for a custom look, and we think that’s awesome! DIY costumes are making a huge comeback these days and we’ve stocked up on a lot of the elements you may need to give your DIY costume the finishing touches, including wigs, accessories and great props. We’ve also put together a few DIY costume suggestions to get you started.

Zombie Anything

The classic zombie costume is all about the blood and gore. It’s fun to come up with a new twist on the zombie, so let your imagination run wild. Zombie cheerleader? Use some of your washable blood effects and zombie makeup kit, but wear your own cheerleader costume. Toss on some ripped socks and hair ties and your cheerleader uniform is transformed. You can do the same with a football or band uniform (just test the blood first to make sure it washes out). You can often find an old wedding dress at the thrift shop or Goodwill. Just add blood and mess up your hair and you’re a zombie bride!

Rabbit or Cat Costumes

Halloween Empire carries bunny and cat kits that include the essential elements for these classic animal costumes, including tails, ears and collar. With these, you can simply use your own clothes. For a black cat Halloween costume, your child can wear long black leggings and a long-sleeved black top and add the tail, headband ears and collar. So simple and inexpensive!

DIY Clown Costume

This is one of the most fun DIY costumes to make because you can really use your imagination and create your own unique clown look. Start by browsing through thrift shops for pants and tops that can be used for your clown costume. Oversized clothes in bright colors work well. Cinch the waist with a big belt to keep the pants up and give your outfit a loose fit, then accessorize with a neck ruffle and clown shoes.

DIY Costume for Your Inner Nerd

Get in touch with your inner geek by creating a DIY costume that channels your nerdy side. You can probably use clothes from your parents’ closet (sorry Mom and Dad!) or even your own. Wearing a sweater vest over a shirt buttoned all the way up to the neck is a good start. Add a pair of suspenders and bug eye glasses for authenticity. Carry a few physics and math textbooks as props if you can. For guys, parting your hair and slicking it down completes the look. Ladies can scrape their hair back into a bun.

DIY Goddess Costume

One of the easiest and prettiest DIY costumes you can make is a goddess costume. Use a flat bedsheet in either white or a soft pastel color, draping it around your body like a toga and tying it at the waist with a gold or silver braided cord. You can find simple DIY goddess costume tutorials online that show you how to drape and fold your bedsheet for your goddess costume. Halloween Empire’s laurel leaf headpiece is the crowning touch for any goddess. Complete the look with a pair of elegant sandals.

With a bit of creativity and some scrounging around in your closet, DIY costumes can be fun and easy. Halloween Empire can provide the finishing touches to take your handmade costumes to the next level.

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